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Over the past few years Revd John Ryeland has put together a series of training videos for individuals, churches and groups to watch. It covers a huge range of topics and has been welcomed and enjoyed by many. See below a few of the comments we've received.

“…it has been a very effective, thought-provoking and encouraging way to reach people where they are. It’s a great idea.”

“I have just watched the online teaching…It was as if John Ryeland had read my mind and was discussing all about thoughts I had experienced. Thank you for this much needed and inspirational teaching.”
​“I have benefitted a great deal from the online training course and look forward to further sessions which will no doubt put some more ‘jigsaw’ pieces together!”

“I think the online training course is a fantastic resource, and I have recommended it to a number of my friends. I am hoping to build enough knowledge and confidence to help introduce an active prayer ministry into my church.”
“It’s great that CHM is thinking serious technology and using it in this way. A 21st century response to the Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.” 

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